Song Review: Dejhare

There’s so much to love about this single, from the playful giggle at the beginning to the beautiful 80’s influenced synths, this song is a classic! Dejhare’s voice not only accompanies the musical score it playfully weaves in and out of the delightful instrumentation and beautiful rhythmic undertones. The drum cadence is light but bouncy adding to the retro pop infused sound but not dominating or effecting the smooth transitions presented throughout the musical sound scape.    

The hook is complex simplicity definitely a double entendre of musical joy, the rhythm alone sends the listener from the mundane sound of today’s music back to a simpler time – the 80’s when it was okay to just, “Do What you Gotta Do.”  But what stands out the most about this track is the powerful lyrics that remind you not only to, “Do What You Gotta do but to “Wear your mask, but never lose your sight.”  

This is a solid track, a refreshing glass of water in the somewhat cottonmouth sound of music we are slowing becoming accustomed to hearing more and more these days.  But if, Dejhare’s performance on this track is any inclination of what to expect from this masterpiece of talent, then let us all prepare ourselves for the ultimate decimating of average and the introduction of a new musical legacy that for now we’ll simply call Dejhare.

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